Cooking Fever Hack V2

Cooking Fever Hack brings to you the number one solution to all your Cooking Fever needs. A Cooking Fever player sent in a request to our team for a hack tool and here it is! Using the latest anti ban protection technology, you will be able to hack Cooking Fever and get all the coins and gems you'll ever need and never risk being banned! Our team here at Cooking Fever Hacks have been making mobile game hacks, modded apks, ad removers, and bypasses for the past 7 years and we are proud to present yet another one of our projects today.

Cooking Fever Hack Tool

This was one of our most fun projects yet in figuring out the various intricacies of the Cooking Fever system and cracking into it. We, the team at StellarHacks, are proud to present this as our latest and perhaps most interesting project to date. Our Cooking Fever hack tool! Designed to function with both Android and the iOS ecosystems, functioning with just the plug of a USB, this tool grants you as much gems or coins as you want. The most amazing part is, with painstaking effort, our team at Stellar Hacks ensured that the hack is always undetectable and completed via the connection of a proxy in order to ensure safety. Our history as a hack and cheats production team began 7 years ago with Flash games and we at StellarHacks have evolved over the years to develop hacks over time on various platforms. Now, as a team of 17 developers, each with incredible skill, we create, update, and maintain hacks on Steam, Android, iOS and more! Reputed in the gaming community as leading group, StellarHacks has truly transformed in the years. So, without much further ado, here is our solution to Cooking Fever! Frustrate no more, starting today, it becomes simple! Games are to be enjoyed, this is to be no exception. Enjoy! Brought to you by the professionals at StellarHacks.

Cooking Fever Hack Tool

Features :

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Anti-ban protection
  • Compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc...)
  • Compatible with Android

Cooking Fever Hack Tool

How To Use :

  • Start up the game
  • Extract Cooking Fever Cheat (all into one folder)
  • Run [Cooking Fever Hack/Hack Tool V2.exe]
  • Select Device Type [Android] or [iOS].
  • Plug in device so the hack tool can detect it.
  • Press [START] button to start adding the items to your account.
  • Enjoy Your New Hack!

File name: Cooking Fever Cheat
File size: 2.53 mb
MD5:  a8f5f167f44f4964e6c998dee827110c


Cooking Fever Hack

This hack is for educational purpose only. We don't take responsibility for any damage you may cause using our tool.